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What a wonderful story! I wish I could have heard that performance.


Hi Erika!!

Grummer made a beautiful recording of Elsa on EMI with Rudolf Kempe conducting. It's one that you should listen to when you prepare that role.


I love that story! It's interesting how some major singers never made it to the Met, or if they did - they did it without apparent enthusiasm. Perhaps the fault wasn't theirs - maybe they just weren't asked. Didn't Piero Cappuccilli only sing one performance at the Met, substituting for someone on short notice? Fischer-Dieskau never made it at all.


Nor did Dame Janet Baker!


Oh, right, Dame Janet. I hardly missed her. :-)


There's nothing like a Dame...


thank you so much for your beautiful story. she is my favorite singer. loved it.


Hello Haas, and thank you for your message. I am finding that this story about Grummer is attracting a lot of readers. It's good that she has not been forgotten.

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