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I agree with you about Kim's musicality. It is a big plus in this opera to hear that music so accurately sung.

And I too do not "get" Fabio Luisi.

Thanks for the posting.

The Unrepentant Pelleastrian

Hello Philip:

"I'm not quite sure why people kvell over Fabio Luisi..."

Me neither.

"My final opera performance of the season and my all-time favorite opera..."

Oh no, really?

I still think I'd place 'Mathis The Painter', 'Moses and Aron', 'Falstaff' and 'Pelleas et Melisande' ahead of Ariadne.

Keep up the nice blog!


Luisi is such a bore. A man with a large repertoire perhaps, but small imagination, little taste, and no personality. If this is who Gelb has in mind to replace Levine - then the Met's artistic standards will continue to decline. Can the Met survive Gelb? Stay tuned...

Otherwise, I concur with your review completely! Luisi's take on the opera made me want to go home and play Kempe's recording.


Re: Luisi...I am reminded of my favorite film quote, from the movie OUTRAGEOUS:
"Ordinary triumphs again!"

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