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Skelton recorded Siegmund in in the 2004 Adelaide Ring conducted by Asher Fisch. He was younger, but still terrific. From what I understand, this recording was engineered from a combination of the three live performances and possible a rehearsal. Unfortunately, the NYPL only shows a copy of "Das Rheingold" from that Ring and Skelton as King Arthur in a DVD recoding of Albeniz's "Merlin" and in Beethoven's Ninth symphony.

He and Margaret Jane Wray were fantastic as Siegmund and Sieglinde in the 2009 Seattle Ring. Seattle Opera hasn't announced the cast for 2013 yet, but there's going to be a lot of competition all around for singers in the Wagner bicentennial season.

It's great to hear about this "Wozzeck". I love the opera.


Skelton covered Ben Heppner in LOHENGRIN in LA earlier this season; my friend Erika Wueschner was the cover for Elsa. They got to sing a tech rehearsal together.

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