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Hi. I have been reading your blog for years. First, I want to thank you for the dedication and care that you put into this dance journal. I don't see a lot of comments, which can be discouraging to the owner. Sometimes low comments make a owner abandon the journal. Yet, you keep it going strong.

You post the most AMAZING (and large) photos of any of the dance journals, which I love. And your textual coverage of dance (and opera) is very indepth and interesting.

I feel so connected to the dance world after reading your journal. Thank you very much for being outstanding.


Thank you, David!

I appreciate having people leave comments on my blog but I don't regard them as a measure of the blog's success; the true sign that I'm doing well is in the daily readership stats which far exceed the numbers I thought I could reach when I started blogging.

One of the drawbacks of blogging is the large number of 'spam' comments that I have to deal with every day. This is very time-consuming but I guess all bloggers who allow comments at all have to deal with it.


Hi Philip. Spam comments? I didn't know that spam comments were a problem on performance arts blogs. Interesting.

One more comment from me. I very much like the overall appearance and format of your journal. Visually, it has a classic and classy appearance.


Yes, my fellow dance bloggers and I cope with spam all the time. That is why comments left on my blog have to go thru a moderation process. I get maybe a dozen spam comments a week but at least one blogger I know gets that many in a day and she's tried everything to prevent it.

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