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Can't wait for photos of Sean and Sara's debuts!!!


Always great to hear about a new Prodigal!

Was just watching the Misha version in a Balanchine documentary the other day, and I'm not sure he really "got" it.

I would have liked to have seen the Eddie Villella version - do you know if there is a video available?

For me, Damian Woetzel will always be the archtypal Prodigal. I also saw Peter Boal and Nikolaj Hubbe in the role, but Damian (at least when he was "on") was by far the best.


I have requested photos of Sean and Sara in PRODIGAL, hoping to post them soon.


I don't recall ever seeing a film of Villella's Prodigal. Woetzel, Boal and Hubbe were each wonderful in unique ways. We are lucky nowadays to have three excellent interpreters @ NYCB: Ulbricht, de luz and now Suozzi. And we have four supreme Sirens: Kowroski, Reichlen, Gilliland and Mearns.

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