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Patty Grenier

I've seen this piece, it is very moving. These pictures are so atmospheric and Shannon is a lovely girl.


Great story and pictures.


It's really quite amazing when you think of Paul Taylor and his influence on dance in America, David Grenke being one of several Taylor dancers who have gone on to choreograph or start their own companies. Thank you for these wonderful studio shots and I look forward to reading about the performance.


Hey! I've got a permanent web search for Tom Trauberts Blues hooked up. I never knew it was made into a dance though. Your pictures are nice and that girl is really pretty. I'd love to see this but I am far from New York.


Where are you located, Marty?


Middle Earth, Akron OH.

katy warner

I just saw Vespers performed for "Dances from the Heart" at the Cowell Theater, 4/30/12 in San Francisco. The third year after the passing of my own love brought me to witness this piece which I found funny and intimately serious and poignant at the same time. It was semlessly danced by Jacqueline McConell and Oliver Freeston. They must have had the time of their lives putting it together! Anyway I loved it and want to thank you for the blessing of the this piece.

...Katy Warner

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