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Thanks Philip. I appreciate your detailed thoughts though am sad to hear... I was hoping for something special.


Mira, I was also hoping it would be a viable and attractive alternative to the Balanchine and also that it would provide better opportunities for the ABT dancers who are so great.

At NYCB the corps de ballet girls vie for a chance to dance demi-Flowers, Arabian, Spanish or Marzipan because they are beautifully crafted pieces that can show off a young dancer so well. These opportunities are lacking in the Ratmansky.


agree! beautiful ABT dancers! btw, is it true (and also sad) that they do not even have 35 week contracts?


Thank you for the gorgeous pics, I was trying to describe the costumes to my friends but words did not do them justice. Granted, I loved this Nutcracker much more than Balanchine's but to each his own.


I truly think the Balanchine Nutcracker is a masterpiece, and it's almost impossible to equal it, or even come close. I'll be going to the January 2 matinee of the ABT Nutcracker. I'll let you know what I think! Thanks for the write up.


I did go to see it, and agree with most of what you have said Philip. I'd planned to go twice but have given away my ticket to the second show.


It was nice meeting you, Andrea! How funny that we were seated in the same row!

My biggest kvetch about the production is simply that it's boring. There's so much time when nothing is happening, or at least nothing of interest.

And that little mouse was so annoying.

Ann J

We went to the B.A.M. to see this and my husband and I both hated it. We stayed for the whole thing because we spent a lot of money on the tickets. We thought it had to get better but it didn't. I was reading some of the reviews and I thought yours was the most accurate. Some of the praise heaped on this Nutcracker was amazing and I think one writer even called it "compelling". Aside from everything else it seemed really long to me.


What I would give to have seen Marianna Tcherkassky in the Baryshnikov Nutcracker! Saw her live only once, >sigh<. You


Tcherkassky was one of my favorite ballerinas of all time. Her Giselle especially was unforgettable.

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