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This is so great! Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.


Such a wonderful morning read from Jessica Sand. It's so nice to find this article on your blog, Philip, and such a pleasant antidote to the recent uproar about the absurd Times article dealing with 'overweight' ballet dancers.

I'm dropping the Times as a source of dance news, just as many of my friends already have. I'd rather read positive and uplifting articles like this one! Thanks!


I agree with Andrea 100%. The New York Times has become petty and irrelevant when it comes to arts coverage. I prefer to read something like Ms. Sand's article which comes from the heart.


This is my first time seeing this blog and I enjoyed this story so much. I'm bookmarking the blog now.

Lydia Johnson

I am so very touched by Jessica's story and by the way it represents the heartfelt way that Jess, and other dancers, approach and embrace the difficult lifestyle that being a dancer entails. Philip's Blog is such an uplifting and spirited celebration of dance. I am so grateful for Philip and for Kokyat's amazing photos of so many moments in dance studios across the city!


This is a wonderful piece, and an admirable project. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of your readers.

David MacDowell

Wow. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your experience. And thank you, Philip, for (re)acquainting your readers/viewers with her story.
-Dave MacDowell
Anchorage, Alaska

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