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Hi Philip, thanks for the update on Tan and Smith. Possohkov's ballet wasn't one of my favorites, but it's a very very pretty pas de deux, and they are gorgeous together. I was lucky to catch them recently doing "After the Rain", literally, after the rain stopped in the outdoor amphitheater at Stern Grove. I wish I was there!


Jolene, I am so anxious for SFB to come back to NYC...if you hear any rumors about a Company excursion to my City please let me know.

Bahr Rubinstein

I had the pleasure of watching Emanuel Gat's piece and must say that this review was on point. Emanuel's choreography was brilliant. The audience was presented with what they came to see. Pure talent in the form of dance without the use of distracting props or costumes. The talented dancer, Roy Assaf, moved flawlessly with unimaginable control and great charisma.

This was by far my favorite piece and gave me exactly what i came to see....Art!

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