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We have many new Corps members this year, Philip...does any specific dancer catch your eye?!


I am still putting names to faces!


Me too! Looking at all the new photos on the website and will be watching the casting (as much as I can from MN) to see who who's dancing what!


Oh thank you so much for your seating recommendations! We have great seats for Oct.2, 8 PM. Any chance you'll be there? I am so grateful for your expertise (and glorious blog, too). Thrilled to get to see Gonzalo Garcia again: I miss him at SFBallet!


Unfortunately on October 2 I will be at the Fall for Dance Festival at City Center; guests from San Francisco Ballet are dancing and the Paul Taylor Company are doing COMPANY B.

I'm sure you will love Gonzalo in OPUS 19; he's dancing so very well these days!

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