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Thank you for your wonderful blog! I have been looking forward to reading your comments on the Fall season, as I can't be there in person (I live in the UK). Beautifully evocative!


Thanks, Marie! Much more coverage of the NYCB Fall season to come so stay tuned.


As always I love your reviews and I adore Serenade. I have probably seen it performed more than a dozen times by NYCB over the years but last night's performance also was truly special for all the reasons you gave above and more. I was sitting close behind Faycal Karoui and he let out an audible gasp a split second before the first note was played and it just seemed so perfect and I think he was actually wiping his eyes when it ended. A perfect beginning to the season for me!


It was indeed a great beginning to the new season. All the dancers were in terrific form, so much so that it's hard to single any one of them out, without being very unfair to all the others. That was a very nice touch to have all the principal dancers come out on stage before the performance. And I did partake of the champagne (another nice touch) and it too was very good!


Stitches, that is beautiful to know about Karoui's emotional connection to the music, to the ballet. I have only six "Serenades" in my experience. How I wish that I were there last night to have had that show! The music was the first classical piece I'd ever cherished. And I heard it first on a record that my dad brought home on a Friday night (45 years ago); bought with his weekly paycheck as a foundry worker, on his way home, as was his habit. Such an emotional connection is this ballet for me.


I have sat close to Faycal while he's conducting - he is definitely passionate about what he's doing.


Susan, that is such a nice story about your father bringing home the recording. Our parents - whatever their background or line of work - knew the value of classical music.

My parents were not really into music, literature, art or dance but they always had some classical LPs that we could listen to. Lily Pons and Kirsten Flagstad were my very first exposure to opera, which I came to love.

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