You have truly captured the atmosphere of the performance as well as beautifully documenting Borree at her most appealing with the photos.

Yes, we were crying especially when Damian gave her that red heart. That was really sweet.


It was an incredible afternoon - one that brought me to tears. What beautiful final performances from Yvonne (how perfect that she should end with DUO CONCERTANT, the ballet that first brought her to public attention) and what an outpouring of emotion and love from the audience! The company's obvious affection for Yvonne also inspired terrific performances from the other dancers today.


Lovely photos Philip! Thanks for posting.


Very nice story and pictures, I wish I could have been there but this is the next best thing. The photo of Albert with the little girl is adorable.

Randy Strawderman

Your photo's of Yvonne are exquisite! Yvonne is a beautiful, genuine person. Your photos seem to peer into her soul! I knew Yvonne when she was a little girl, living with her Mother, Susan Borree, after she left New York and was teaching in Norfolk, VA ~ How can I purchase these photos? NYCB Farewell's:: Yvonne Borree.


Randy, the photos of Yvonne in performance are by the Company's photographer Paul Kolnik.


Gorgeous pictures and a beautiful article.

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