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When NYCB was performing in Chicago a few years ago as my husband and I were walking in the lobby on the way out, I saw Albert Evans in the crowd not two feet in front of me! I stopped abruptly causing my husband to careen into me from behind. I squealed out "It's Albert Evans!" like a excitable prepubescent fangirl, much to the bemusement of my husband. He urged me to talk to him and have him sign my program, but Albert was talking to someone that he knew and I didn't want to interrupt. I stared at him a few more moments than reluctantly left. I couldn't get over how much smaller he looked in person. We tend to think of our dancers as being so much larger than life on stage that it can come as quite a shock to see them as civilians.
Anyway, thank you Phillip for the post, and many blessing to Mr. Evans for his post performance life. He's a true prince any girl/guy would be happy to swoon over.

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