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I agree!

That a cappella encore, "Night," is a favorite of Dima's. He sings it at many recitals. Here's a youtube from a 1990 recital:



Oh how I envy you! I missed their shared Trovatores at SFO (although I did get to see her and was blown away) and have been grinding my teeth in frustration ever since. I do love my life but I would gladly trade it for yours every so often; thankfully you write about it, for which thanks!


Sibyl, hopefully there will be recordings of the concert floating around. Sondra & Dmitry are in a very small echelon of singers these days who have utterly distinctive and identifiable voices as well as the interpretive instincts to best serve the music and make it exciting. In that regard they are throwbacks to the wonderful time when I was first going to the opera.


Thanks for the link, Dmitry. If anything he sings it even more beautifully now.


Thanks for the fantastic and detailed review - much appreciated by those who only wish they could have been there!! There is an upcoming duo CD being released on Delos by Dima and Sondra, recorded live at a concert in Moscow.

Barbara Goulter

premieropera also has a CD of the Carnegie Hall recital. And a high quality DVD of the stupendous Dima-Kaufmann Moscow concert of December 2008.

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