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Lovely write up Philip! I was also reminded of La Valse in Millipied's work (and a bit of Prodigal as well) and look forward to seeing it again as I have a feeling it will reveal even more in a second viewing. I especially loved the Ratmansky piece. It was a feast for the eyes; costume and dancing and movements like we have never seen before! It comes up 2 more times on my volunteer schedule and I can't wait to devour it again.


This may be copping out a bit but I find it hard to adequately judge these two ballets without a second and third viewing. The important thing to note, however, is that both of them merit additional viewings. There are powerful images and memorable moments that I can't wait to see again. I did feel that the Ratmansky ballet was a bit too long (like you, I thought that when the boys went offstage that time, the ballet was over)and actually, I felt that the Millepied piece was somewhat too short, in the sense, that I would have liked a more complete or coherent ending to it. Still, it was a grand night for dancing and the NYCB dancers were in mid-season form throughout the evening.

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