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I agree.

It was interesting to see Gubanova so glued to the score, though. The second night all soloists sang from memory. The role might be new to Gubanova, I don't know.

It was also interesting to note that all singers' backs were turned to Gergiev. They sang without his cues. That's quite unusual, no?

And about the Carnegie Hall acoustics. Sorry, I'm not a fan. I don't understand why they're famous. The sound is extremely bright and echo-y. For big orchestras and choruses it's fine, but solo voices get lost in a haze of echo. It's like they're singing from a cave across the street. I've heard a number of singers at Carnegie that I also heard in other venues, like the Met and Avery Fisher - and at Carnegie they were lost. Even at Avery Fisher, with its famously hated acoustics, I never had problems hearing anyone. But at Carnegie - terrible.

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