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James Barrick

Hi Philip,
Wasn't Joseph Gatti among those in Youth America Grand Prix that we saw? I think he won a bronze.... You might remember.


I think Joseph did win a medal in the YAGP although I did not attend; it was NYIBC that Kokyat and I covered on my blog.

Peter Quennell

Great review (as always here) of Angel Corella's Ballet Castilla y Leon at City center. Were the houses sold out? I presume yes, Angel being Angel, but any sellout house these days is good news.

Peter Quennell

That film on Angel's company is REALLY good news. Well spotted. And apparently in English? There are not nearly enough ballet-in-the-making films of this type. The YouTubes on Ballet Castilla y Leon are worth a look.


Angel had big and enthusiastic crowds at his performances according to all reports.

Not a lot of dance events sell-out these days; people have become very cautious about how they spend their money in these uncertain times.


THANK YOU! for noting and posting the Playbill program insert about my documentary film on the creation of Corella Ballet Castilla y Leon in your blog. The trailer--if you didn't see it and the accompanying clips at the performances is viewable here:


And as with most artistic endeavors these days, I'm still trying to get "completion funding" to finish it.


Thank you for the info on the film, G Gagnon! Please e-mail me with any further developments so I can share them on my blog: completion, release date, DVD availability...?

My address:


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