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Based on what Wheeldon said during interviews last fall regarding the challenges that the company was facing, this news does not come as a huge shock, though it is certainly disappointing. It will be interesting to see how Lourdes Lopez moves forward with Morphoses.


Not, it is not a shock - especially in this economy - but I do wonder what will happen now. I wonder how much of the financial backing stemmed from the Wheeldon name.


This is possibly a partial explanation of why Morphoses won't be in Vail this coming summer. I, too, am very disappointed and wonder what will happen.


One thing about MORPHOSES, it's a great 'moonlighting' gig for some of the best dancers in the world.


I was hoping to see Morphoses in Paris in April but now its been cancelled.
I recently watched the documentary about when he created Misericordes with the Bolshoi - it was fascinating.


Not only was it a great moonlighting gig for dancers, it was a wonderful opportunity for those of us who attended the performances to see dancers we might not have had the chance to see before. I personally remember the first time I saw Drew Jacoby and Rubinald Pronk and was totally blown away. I am sad thinking that now I might not get to enjoy as much of Wheeldon's choreography as I have.


You picked a great photo for this post. The dancers look like they are lost looking for their leader. Hopefully the company can continue to flourish despite this loss.

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