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I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your blog is, Philip. I check it every day and there is always something that reassures me of what is good and fine in life and that there is still a positive energy in the world despite all our woes and worries.


Thank you, Andrea. You are such a faithful reader, I'm glad that I help make your days pleasant.


I saw the same program and the same casts on Friday night and I concur 100% with your observations. For me, it was one of the great programs of this or any other season. Liebeslieder Walzer and Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 are very different ballets but both are masterpieces and they provided the contrast and variety that are such trademarks of NYCB repertory programs. In Liebeslieder, Darci, Wendy, Jennie (how wonderful it is to see her in top form again!), and Janie were a "dream" cast. You could not ask for a more perfect quartet of ballerinas in those roles and their male partners were ideal matches for them.

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 was another joy to behold. This has been a special season for Tess Reichlen, capped off by her captivating Lilac Fairy in Sleeping Beauty and now her flawless performance in the Tchaikovsky piece. Stephen Hanna was also very impressive, both in his partnering and his variations. He seems to have benefited from his Broadway experience because his dancing now shows more assurance and maturity than I recall it having in his pre-Billy Elliot days. I hope he will be able to return to the permanent roster at NYCB.

I, too, am beginning to run out of adjectives with regard to Kathryn Morgan. In her dazzling debut in the 'soloist' role in the Tchaikovsky ballet on Friday night, she met the demands of one of Balanchine's most technically challenging ballets with the same aplomb and rapturous artistry that she has demonstrated this season in her star turns in Romeo & Juliet and Sleeping Beauty. What a treasure she is!

Kudos as well to the entire corps in the Tchaikovsky ballet, especially Lauren King and Faye Arthurs in the demi-soloist roles

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