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Sara P.

Thank you as always...for making me feel as if I were there...sigh....


Thank you, Sara. That is what I always try to do: make people feel like they were there. I am happy to hear that I succeeded!


'Liebeslieder' was on the program the first time I saw NYCB at City Center in February, 1962, with much of the original cast. Over the years we've seen many great dancers in it, but this was one of the finest ensemble casts we've seen in years. As a ballet about a 'community' dancing, it is a clear predecessor to 'Dances at a Gathering' which we'll see later this week.
I do think the music was a bit slow and pedestrian -- I do miss the nuances and surprises that Robert Irving always brought to this score.
Thanks for your always insightful comments.


I also so very much enjoy your commentary on the programs that you are able to see. I am able to visit NYCB occasionally, and you always help me in filling those gaps!

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