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Thank you Philip & Kokyat!


She really is beautiful!




I love ballerinas that have an elusive, mystical, otherworldly quality. It's so rare nowadays. I'm a fan of the intangible rather than the straightforward and I think Ms. Part embodies that so well.
I know I've said this before, but Phillip you lucky duck!


Perky, I wish you could see Part in this duet.

Yes, I really am lucky to have these opportunities and to have Kokyat, a wonderful photographer/friend to document everything.

We've just been 'linked' by James Wolcott at VANITY FAIR so hundreds of people are seeing these photos now.

Happy New Year, Perky!!


An enviable experience. To me, Part uses her strength and technique as a way to be sensitive enough to catch a movement as it passes through time and space. Her performances can be profoundly personal and spiritual.


Thank you for the beautiful images of the beautiful dancer.

hibbard Davis

Ah, such warmth and grace in this winter "when wolves live off the winds"...


Looks wonderful and the photographs are amazing!!

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