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Sean Lavery's balcony scene is definitely the only Romeo I need to see. I do love Alan Peiffer, though, and would love to see him dance the Lavery balcony scene. I also love the Prokofiev music from that part of the ballet.


It would definitely be good to see Allen and Erica in the Lavery setting.


I love Adrian Danchig-Waring. I think he is so talented and visually appealing. Would love to see him in even more on stage...I foresee a Principal promotion someday in his future.


I agree completely about Adrian - he's really a unique presence onstage.


I caught last night's (Thursday, Jan. 21) performance of Romeo and Juliet and it was a winner. I'm happy to report that the swordfighting was again up to snuff. Danny Ulbricht as Mercutio and Joaquin DeLuz as Tybalt put on a dazzling display of swordfighting and their dancing was quite spectacular as well.

Your observation of Adrian Danchig-Waring's Paris was very insightful. Beneath the exterior charm and elegance, there was in fact more than a hint of menace. If I were Juliet's father, I would immediately have had second thoughts about that engagement and there is no doubt that if Juliet had been forced to marry him, her life would have been extremely unhappy.

In the lead roles, Kathryn Morgan and Rob Fairchild (subbing for Sean Suozzi) were magical together. Katie Morgan's performance as Juliet was simply beautiful, indeed sublime. Her dancing was, as always, exquisite and she did not just ACT Juliet - she WAS Juliet.


Thank you for the notes about the Katie Morgan Juliet. I really wanted to see her in the role but the dates were just not good for me...next time they do it I will see her for sure.


I had to miss Katie's Juliet this year also but glad to read that it was a success, just as I expected it would be.

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