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I love the significance of the yellow rose, Philip.


Lovely write-up, Philip. And as I was right behind you at the theatre last night I too could not help but be distracted by the unwrapping of candy during the show. It's seems unfathomable to me that somebody can come back from a 20 minute intermission which affords them all the time they need to unwrap candy and yet wait until the music and ballet have started to do so! It never ceases to amaze me.

I can't wait to see how Tiler and Katie fare in their debuts next week! I'll be at both shows; I am confident they will both perform beautifully.


Thanks for your report Phillip.
I adore your description of Tess, "calm dignity".
If you by chance you get a picture of Jenifer as Carabosse, could you please post it? She's such a beautiful woman and I love the costume for Carabosse.
Is there a reason Kaitlyn is doing a non-dancing part?


Laura, I think the theatre concession counter needs to stop selling things that can be disruptive. Of course there is a rule 'no eating or drinking inside the auditorium' but how can it be enforced? And if the theatre is selling it, the implication is that it's OK to eat it during the show.

I'm wondering in fact: why do they need to sell food at all?


Perky, I've asked the press folks for a photo of Jenifer R as Carabosse.

The Queen is always performed by a tall and regal woman from the corps - in the past we have had Dena Abergel, Saskia Beskow and Gwyneth Muller - and Kaitlyn is the tallest woman in the corps now (maybe in the entire Company). Dena is doing the Queen this season as a guest and I feel certain Gwyneth will do it as well.

Kaitlyn is scheduled to debut as Diamond in the pas de quatre next week in the ever-rotating casting. I feel she will be a remarkable Lilac Fairy eventually and I wish she had been cast in it this season.


Is Matthew Renko back as a guest? I saw his name in the program Thursday night but it is not on the roster. BTW, Megan Fairchild was a wonderful Princess Aurora -- calm, confident and with an elegance to her upper body that was beautiful.


I'm not sure of Matthew's status: whether he is just guesting or being asked back. Hopefully the latter.

I'm seeing Megan F tonight and really looking forward to it.


I also meant to say, Philip, that I thought Sara Adams performed admirably in what was I believe her first solo - she was one of the fairies in the first act. Same to Kristin Segin as the White Cat...it's fun seeing these brand-new corps girls getting their first solo parts! Looking forward to seeing more of Callie Bachman, Lydia Wellington, and Amy Barker.


Just saw Sara Adams tonight (Saturday) and you're right, she's very good.


Aaah, yes, I had my dates mixed up. I've seen so many Beauties now I forget who danced when.

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