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Great pictures as always, Kokyat! Thank you for sharing, Philip!


What I like about Adam's choreography is that he is really challenges his dancers and does not at all underestimate their capabilities, which makes the price of ballet tickets more worthwhile. Adam's seemingly fast-paced, highly-flexible choreography puts him in vein with George Balanchine. Look at that fierce 90 degree port-de-bra that Matthew Renko is doing!

I take it that the dancers will be performing in sneakers? If so, that would be such a relief from the brutal pointe shoes (on Elysia's pointe). The sneakers are very a la Jerome Robbins.

By the way, love that studio! Is that at SAB? And I LOVE the photos and descriptions!


Yes, Adam really makes the dancers go for it. There's no posing or strolling around: it's dance, dance, dance. It's such a clear take on the Balanchinian theory of making music visible. And the sneakers are a great touch.

Yes, this is one of the 'floating' studios at SAB.

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