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Oh, wow. I had lunch with Charles Anthony once and he's the nicest man with some unbelievable stories to tell. He studied David in "Meistersinger" with Karl Böhm! How many people out there still who studied roles with Böhm? Happy retirement Mr. Anthony-Caruso!


He should write a book!


I think a book, however discreet, would be remarkable. He's been through it all. The above post mentions all the people Domingo sang with. Charles Anthony has sung with more! He's sung with Milanov and Marian Anderson (another debut he was at).


Also, it should be noted that Charles Anthony was also present for MY Met debut some years back in "Turandot." (Okay, I didn't sing, but I could have seriously screwed up the performance if I made one wrong move.)


Charles Anthony has appeared in four times as many performances at the Met as Domingo, even counting the ones Placi has conducted. And he was there fifteen years before Domingo arrived, so he has sung with lots more colleagues.

It will be interesting to see if the Met pays Anthony any sort of homage from the stage during the performance.

Mel Weinstein

Charles is retired at his home in Tampa and sends his love to his many fans. There is now a dressing room complex in his honor, at the Met. A wonderful ceremony was held backstage. The entire cast joined the tribute during his curtain call. No singer in the history of the Met, sang as often or as long. His voice was strong and beautiful, to the end. We love him and miss him. He is a walking history of the Met for the last 56 years. He remains in touch with his many friends and is doing well.

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