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Wonderful write up Philip! I was at the performance last night as well and thought Bouder especially was wonderful in DSCH.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and bring on Nutcracker!!!


You and I have already discussed the Martins (I'm not a fan), but I do want to say that your review is very thoughtful and well done.

I very much missed our wonderful corps last night. With the exception of a few demi parts in the Ratmansky they were AWOL (lol!). I just adore our corps (and soloists!).


Deborah, I could certainly understand the negative comments I heard from several parties about the Martins piece. I think the main complaint seemed to be that it is simply too long. Nevertheless, I simply enjoyed watching several of my favorite dancers in the universe on that stage.

I did miss having the soloists and more of the corps participating last night but I know they are all very busy preparing for NUTCRACKER and also I have heard that some of the new ballets for Spring are already being rehearsed.

Laura, I too am waiting for NUTCRACKER. Even after seeing it a million times, it's still a treat.

Hope to see everyone there on Friday!


Philip, I wish you could somehow have "previewed" the new ballet because I think I would have liked it better if I had watched it after reading what you wrote. You seem to have picked up on aspects of it that I failed to see. I guess maybe I should see it again.

Thanks for the detailed story about the evening. I think the improvements to the theater are wonderful, especially the ladies room, which is much nicer!


Wish I could have attended (I'm already away for Thanksgiving) but your write up makes me feel like I was there.

Alexandra Ansanelli! Wow, I miss her so much!

Vanessa Veronica

dear Oberon, thanks for another lovely write-up. I was there too & you couldn't have captured the night more beautifully! all best & happy Thanksgiving, vanessa


Thank you, Vanessa! Have a great holiday weekend...


How wonderful to have NYCB back and in that marvelously renovated theater! I thought that Concerto DSCH looked better than ever, perhaps because of the return of Ashley Bouder to her original leading role in the ballet. When she was out with an injury the last few times it was performed, I felt that the ballet was missing that extra little spark that Ashley always provides. As for the performance of the guests from the Paris Opera Ballet in the Rubies pas de deux, I thought it was elegant and lovely, but more "classical" than "neo-classical Balanchine" in style. I just felt that it lacked the jazzy, earthy quality that NYCB gives it.

The Martins ballet is one that definitely calls for a second viewing. I do agree that the first two parts were too long, mainly because Martins could not (or chose not to) cut some of Adams' musical score, not all of which was "musique dansante." There were some beautiful moments in Part II (the "white" section") but even that dragged on a bit too long. I agree that the best part was the third ("red") section - it contained the vintage Adams sound, it brought out the best in Martins' choreographic imagination,and it featured some simply terrific dancing by the principals involved.

Should we read anything into Alexandra Ansanelli's presence there last night? Does anyone know what she is doing these days?

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