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Great write-up and pictures, especially Kyle's from Commedia and the last two from Brenda Spooner. It's always here at the Grove that we find the best delights. Thanks, Oberon!


My god, I could swear those three boys in the last Brenda Spooner photo are actually MOVING!


oh my gosh what lovely photos. thanks too Oberon for the description of the evening. would have loved to have been there.


From the excellent photographs you have used and your nice perspective on the ballets and dancers I almost feel like I was there. Thank you!


Hi Phillip,

Thanks so much for the Morphoses posts!
So happy to hear the Carrie Lee Riggins is dancing with the company. That's a dancer I miss very much.
Does Morphoses tour? I would love to see them.


And on a completely shallow note, Rubinald Pronk is a gorgeous looking man!


Carrie Lee was always so radiant at NYCB, it was wonderful to see both her and Melissa Barak onstage in NYC again.

The MORPHOSES Company do tour - Amsterdam and Paris are next, I believe - and it would be great if they could manage extensive touring in the USA which I am sure is a matter of getting funding.


There's nothing shallow about being gorgeous...Rubi Pronk is magnificent!

Stephen Badger

Carrie Lee dances and moves her spirit body with a grace that is sourced from her heart and is joyful to experience. may the world benefit from her gift. Thanks for all you share without prejudice or reservation.

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