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Don and I still haven't gotten to this exhibit yet. We are, however, charter members of the O'Keeffe museum in Santa Fe (we were just there this summer. I love it there so much!).This exhibit will be in Santa Fe this summer. The clouds photo above is
in my living room ( a print). There are many fascinating bios of Georgia as well (I'm a huge fan). Plus Stieglitz is probably my favorite photographer (his NYC images are
beyond adjectives).
Thanks for sharing your visit with us!


Kokyat and I were even talking about a trip to Santa Fe...unlikely it will ever happen but fun to imagine.


...I hope you can get over to the Whitney, Deborah, because you will LOVE this exhibit!


Thanks for the info on this exhibit, Philip. We will try to go see it when we are in NY for the NYCB Gala. I love Georgia!

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