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Holy shit!


Yes, it's astonishing. Thanks for finding it and posting it here.


Whomever did the choreographer for this incredible team:
please come to NYCB and choreograph for us. We have several dancers -- including Danny Ulbricht and Ashley Bouder (and Joaquin and Antonio, among others) who could handle some of this very difficult gymnastics (and it could be toned done for dancers). Plus the dance part of this routine is just gorgeous. Bravo!


Philip -- another case of you finding interesting things/great writing to post for us. Thank you! We are so lucky (BTW -- love Susan Vreeland's books!!


These Japanese dancers/gymnasts are just phenomenal. Thank you for posting the video. I can't stop watching it.


Just extraordinary...and a reminder that it isn't unreasonable to hope for real synchronicity in group work. I've pretty much given up on that with dance, but this proves it is still possible...and exhilarating to see! Thank you, Philip, for yet another gem!


The over-used word "awesome" really applies here!


Oh my gosh. That gave me chills.


I agree...I keep coming back to watch it. And I like the music also.

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