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DRATS, being a resident of the (ugh) burbs, I had to choose: Morphoses last night or SAB today, so I chose Morphoses and what a magnicent series of four ballets I saw.
Edwaard, Melissa and Wendy of NYCB(then and now) were brilliant.All the other dancers were fantastique as well.
The music was live and fantastic.
I believe City Center was sold out and the fans were delirious.
A Great evening.


Jeannie Griffin-Peterka

Philip - We, too, enjoyed Halloween day at the school and it was finally nice to meet you through Monica.
Jeannie & Cal


I love going to the SAB open houses. It's such an exciting glimpse into the world that creates the biggest stars of NYCB, and I love watching the dancers mature and make their way up the ranks.

Sandi D.

I'm sooo Jealous! Not making it to Morphoses either. :-(


I agree with you, Laura. I remember seeing Amar in SAB classes as a shy seeming boy with huge brown eyes. I was delighted to see him taken into the company, watch him mature and now receive the promotion he so richly deserves.


Jeannie, thank you! It was really nice meeting you both, and how wonderful that you make the trek to NYC to support the Company! It was such a fun day, seeing all the activity and watching the up-and-coming dancers.


I, too, had the pleasure of observng Suki's class at SAB yesterday (and what a treat it was to have the opportunity to see a few of the company dancers, including NYCB's newest soloist, taking the class). I also had the good fortune to observe two of Jock Soto's classes (Advanced Men and Adagio Partnering) in the afternoon. The depth of talent at the school continues to be very impressive and the future of NYCB remains very bright.


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Thanks so much, Philip.

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