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I wasn't sure I was going to stay to the end when the night started, but the night flew by (except for the lengthy intermissions, which are getting longer by the week). The musical performance really was very exciting. (As far as intermissions, I guess we should be grateful we weren't subjected to the 45+ minutes that are the intermissions for the Met's current "Tosca" and "Lucia," among others. It's really ridiculous and makes already long evenings painfully long!) Thanks for inviting me Philip!


The problem with the long intermissions, aside from the fact that they are BORING, is that whatever dramatic impetus is developing in the performance gets lost. 25 minutes should be the maximum break between acts.

Gatti was really exciting; I'm still recalling details of his reading of the score. If there was more mixing of casts later in the run I would go see it again; however - after seeing her Norma - I have no wish to encounter Hasmik Papian again, although I did like her Aida a few seasons ago.

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