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Sorry to have missed this but your writeup makes me feel like I was there. Great photos from K...

Joanna L

Who is this Adrian Silver dude? What a torso!


It was great to see you last night. That was an amazing showcase. I'm reasonably sure I've got the names right for the four "Collage" photos (all L to R):

1) Erin Ginn, Darion Smith, Jaime Kotrba

2) Kotrba, Ginn, Laura Feig

3) all of the above

4) Ian Thatcher w/ Ginn

Great pictures, all around! Bangs of the Year award to Elysia Dawn, and that Robbins solo was astounding!


Thanks for the info, Michael!


Ah, I'm really sorry to have missed this!


Wish you could have been there, Taylor...it seems like it's been years since I last saw you!


Thanks for a comprehensive and thoughtful description of the evening. I've been following NCOP since its inception, and Avi since he came to the States, and feel very deprived to not be in The City to be part of this year's performance. You gave me a very good idea of the high quality of choreography, dancing and production that NCOP is maintaining, and I am sorry that I missed it.

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