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Wow, that's a gorgeous painting!


...and to think it nearly ended up in a dumpster!


Beautiful! And so nice of you and the owner to share it with us.


Wow, that's so amazing to come across such a gem!

I actually met Theyre in Barcelona while vacationing with my family in the early 60s. He took a few photos of me in and around the historic village area. We became pen pals for a short time afterward. In one such correspondence, he included a British postage stamp allegedly licked by Charlie Chaplin.

Sadly, I never met him a second time.


Thanks for that story, Michael...do you still have the photos he took of you?

Anthony David Lee-Elliott.

It's a small world. I am just about to start cataloging my uncle's pictures. David Theyre Lee Lee-Elliott went from Winchester to Cambridge and thence to The Slade School of art and lived in Chelsea all his life, dying at the age of 85 in 1988. He never married but had seven nephews and nieces. Before the war he painted the scenery and backdrops at Sadlers Wells and met all the stars and painted hundreds of action pictures of them. Whenever he came to stay he always painted pictures for us of our toys and where we lived during the war and after. A lot of his paintings were bought by the stars of stage and screen of yesteryear. Now at the age of 70 I am collecting photos of his paintings, so hope to get some response. The above painting has already joined the 50 or so that I have already have from my own very diversified collection.

Glenn Morgan

Hello Anthony, I am freelance writer for Royal Mail and am researching your Uncle's commercial work for the General Post Office and would like to send you the draft of the article. If willing, please send your email address and I will forward it to you and discuss further. Best regards, GLENN


Good morning.
I have 4 paintings of Theyre Lee Elliott. On one of them is written: "For monsieur and madame xxxxx who suffered my french and shared great gaiety with me! with my love to all the family, always. SS Vietnam Sept-Oct 63" I was onboard and choose myself one of these paintings. I have a souvenir of his face, but he did not look like on the picture above.
Best regards. Eric


I love the way this story is developing.

If anyone has scanned any of the artist's work and would like to send me copies via e-mail I will post them here for all to see.

E-mail me at:

[email protected]


Theyre was/is my cousin twice removed. His paintings and drawings are exquisite. Thank you for saving his work. I assure you that every drop of paint or carbon speck was layed with pure emotion.


It's very nice to hear from you, JD. Do you have any of Theyre's works?

Tony Lee-Elliott

Hello to Glen Morgan who is writing about my uncle Theyre Lee-Elliott for the Royal Mail. My e-m add is [email protected]
I have currently got about 75 photos of his works, of which half are originals that I have. I think the studio portrait is pre-war and by Cecil Beaton. Not one I have seen before. Could Theyre's Cousin,(JD), twice removed pl get in touch too?
The stories of Chaplin licking stamps could be true, Theyre's father was a friend of Charlie when they both lived in Vevey, Switzerland.
The originator of this fact finding story of the original painting should realise that Theyre was as free as a bird and collected friends from all over the world. Nearly all beautiful starlets. As a young nephew, my eyes were always out on stalks when meeting him and his latest beau. Mostly film stars. A novel was written about him, an artist in Tokyo and his long standing friend Iko. My memory fades somewhat, the titles 'The wind cannot read' and the 'Moment of truth' ring a bell. It was later made into a film.

Melissa Bird

I have a beautiful Lee-Elliott original which was once owned by my grandparents who I think must have known him. It is of a ballerina and my aunt also as another one which is very similar.


Hi Melissa,

If you have a photo of your Theyre Lee Elliott work I would love to see it. You can e-mail me at:

[email protected]

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