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I was away and missed the Morphoses performances but these photographs are the next best thing. Thanks for sharing them, Kokyat.




I love what you had to say about Maria and Edwaard... This ballet really is a gift not only for them but for us.

I also love how Christopher introduced Maria on Friday evening as "the best legs in the business."


These are astonishing. The third one after the intro... oh my lord. The lighting is so sublime it looks painted on.


Thank you all for the comments. I agree, Michael, that that particular photo has a very special quality.

Anne Coburn Whitmore

Yes, that particular photo: Maria looks incandescent!
-- truly, like she's glowing. (This might sound odd, but it struck me -upon first glance- that she looked like a candle. She's glowing from within, whilst simultaneously casting off a glow - if that makes any sense.)
Just beautiful.

Anne Coburn Whitmore

...beautiful dancers,
sublime lighting,
wonderful capture!

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