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Anne Coburn Whitmore

Philip, I love how you write about the opera and music, and tennis and films, too!, ...and poetry! -- it's so wonderful to get to come here and read all your various and thoughtful reviews and takes on all these things which brighten our lives! :)

I've sought out a lot of your recently showcased films (and am waiting eagerly for COCO CHANEL & IGOR STRAVINSKY !): SILK was very nice (I love Keira Knightley); and I enjoyed THE [other ;)] OTHER BOLEYN GIRL (2003) (w/ both Natascha McElhone and Jodhi May - each one stunning.) This film with Vera Farmiga is one I am not familiar with, but will look for, thanks to you, again! ;) --I did see her in a film (recently watched on DVD) with Kate Beckinsale (another favorite) called NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH - which I thought featured *brilliantly* acted performances by both Ms. Beckinsale and Ms. Farmiga. Both ladies were superb, and I loved the film. It stayed with me for days, the story AND the characters.


Anne, thank you for the suggestion of NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH...looking forward to watching it.

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