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Ha! I'm in London (just saw the Mariinsky "Homage to Balanchine" as you know) and Edward Watson (whom I adore!) is in NYC. Now that's pretty funny.

As I mentioned to you earlier -- it's just so cool that you did this today. Thanks for the great post!!


One other quick comment -- I just LOVE Adrian! He is, for sure, a principal dancer (even though he's a soloist at the moment).


Why isn't Wendy Whelan performing?


I believe Wendy is expected back from Colorado for the performances of the Wainwright piece in Central Park.


Your description of the afternoon makes me feel like I was there, too. Thanks!

Selena Nichols

Since I am unable to attend the performances I am grateful for this detailed description of the collaboration of Wheeldon and Wainwright.


As always, thank you, thank you Philip!

I was in New York City yesterday thinking about Morphoses rehearsing, and there, I came home to this superbly written blog, which made me feel exactly like I was in your lucky seat. Philip, I would've melted if I were you because not only the dancers are some of the best in the world, but (in my opinion) most gorgeous.

Please let your fans know if you attend one of those Central Park shows, especially since Morphoses will debut "Tears of St. Lawrence." Would you know their costumes for that piece?


Thanks Lesley...yes, I have decided to go to the Central Park showing on Saturday evening and was able to get a press pass via the Parks Dept. So I will be able to report on how the ballets look all dressed & lit.


Just returned from the performance and absolutely loved the entire show... Enjoy!

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