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Tears are flowing - beautiful and inspiring - this story alone could prevent many a tragedy and should be posted on as many suicide websites as readers can find.


I never would have guessed you were the suicidal type, Philip. It's good that you got past those times.


I came to your blog this morning expecting your usual (wonderful) stories and photos but this article really is incredible. Thank you for sharing this chapter from your life story.


I think the world is a better place with you in it, Philip! And I too wish Sir Edward and Lady Joan peace.

Anne Coburn Whitmore

I am glad you are here - your words, and all that you share and give, mean so much to me(just some Anne you've never met.)

You continually bring beauty and light, joy and revelation, appreciation and intelligence, to us here, every day.


Thank you for sharing your story. Very brave and very insightful, especially when reflecting on Sir Edward and Lady Joan.


Thank you for sharing Philip. I am so glad you decided not to go through with it...imagine all the beauty you would have missed out on that we see every night at the ballet. I hope this story inspires others to close off the suicide path forever. (Incidentally, my cousin committed suicide when he was 22 and it's tough getting over what a terrible waste it was for him to take his own life so young...)


Thank you for so poignantly sharing your story, Philip. Your beauty is part of what makes this world living in. I know I feel blessed to call you a friend and don't know what I would have done without your support all these years. Thank God you're here.


That is a beautiful and moving story,
As someone said, what beauty you would have missed, and how we would have been less if you were not among us.


same time and just across the river, I refused to come out of my room and listened to "I am a rock" over and over again! thanks for sharing your story and for bringing all of us together - you are so special.


I was diagnosed with clinical depression around 15 years ago after several bouts with it. Several times in my life I thought that the world would be a better place without me in it. I no longer have those thoughts although I have to keep a close eye myself to see if an another depressive episode will return. Thank God for anti-depressants.
Phillip, thank you for sharing your story. There are so many young people out there that feel unloved, unwanted or unusual. With time most come to accept and even embrace their special uniqueness. They find love. They find wisdom. It's the lost ones that haunt me. All of that lost potential. No human being deserves to be unloved or unwanted.
Again, thank you Phillip.


I thank everyone for the very kind and understanding comments; I have also received some wonderful e-mails about this item.


I have come across your blog by a fluke. After reading some of your entries I just wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I am really moved by this one.


Thank you, Ronny. That story really went beyond the normal reach of my blog. Even today I was thinking about Sir Edward and his wife and how they found peace on their own terms.

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