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They are both so beautiful! When will they be promoted?!?!


Their promotions are inevitable but I wonder if financial considerations will cause a delay?


If a delay due to financial considerations should occur, what a shame it would be. However, the overriding reality (and good news)here is the word "inevitable." They both WILL be promoted. Let's just hope it happens as soon as possible.


Soloists, and senior corps members (Katie wouldn't qualify for this), make almost as much (just a couple of hundred less per week) than principals. I honestly don't think that finances will play into promotions. The Board meets soon (this week or next, I think) and I bet the both Tiler and Robbie, and hopefully Tyler will be promoted. Katie should be promoted out of the corp too.


I agree with all those promotions, Deborah. My only concern is that the Principal level is SO FULL already with some dancers LONG overstaying their welcome....that it's hard to imagine adding any more to the roster. Having said that, Robbie and Tiler deserve to be Principal, and Katie a Soloist.


Kathryn Morgan is just sheer perfection on stage. A promotion for her would be so well-deserved since her fanbase is just as big as her higher-ranked colleagues. She's just a pleasure to watch.

I agree with you Deborah about the next dansers promoted: Robbie, Tiler, and Tyler. These dancers just are adding such spark to this spring season. However, it seems like lately the board just promotes one dancer at a time (i.e. Sara Mearns alone in Summer '08 and Adrian Danchig-Waring in Winter '09). It seems like in the past that the Company would promote a bunch at a time.

Perhaps when Darci retires next year, there will be room for one principal promotion.

BTW, how much does a New York City ballet dancer make? They're probably the highest paid company in the US.


Actually Lesley, the Board, as you said, has a history of promoting multiple dancers. It was a bit odd that they only promoted Sara and the fantastic Adrian in the last year or so. I guess we'll see. I also remember a time that we had even more principals than we have now. But who knows what'll happen. I just received a call (moments ago) from the NYCB Guild (I'm a long time member) asking me to make an extra donation to
support the apprentice program (which I will do). My guess is that Nilas will leave when Darci does so maybe they'll be more money for salaries. Or maybe not.

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