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Anne Coburn Whitmore

Oh, this was so nice to get to read this early evening ... the moment I clicked in and saw that wonderful first photo, I froze for a second and caught my breath; then proceeded to scroll and read your beautiful description of the afternoon and these dancers.

I think I would have loved this performance, with these interpretations. [Jared being crushed by the neglected flowers would have gotten me, too ;).] And Maria stepping to the edge of the stage in thoughtful recognition and thanks to the orchestra would have pulled at my heart strings - such a sweet gesture, one not often seen. Lovely.

Terrific post; thank you so much!



The entire atmosphere of the performance was really special...I hope I was able to convey it.


I was there...wish I could have met up with you. You described the performance perfectly, Philip. And I too was thrilled by Riccetto's stunning arabesque.


Amazing! I just got home from the perfomance and a little supper afterwards and casually Googled "Hallberg Giselle" and your review is already online. Nice foto of Maria Riccetto btw.


Philip, I was there too! Sorry we didn't meet up. Anyways, yes a lovely performance and a lovely review! I'm curious if this was Maria's first full length lead at the Met? Anyone know? She was great and seemed extremely gracious in her curtain calls.


I think both Maria Riccetto and David Hallberg (and Simone Messmer, too) have danced these roles on tour but this was their debut performance at the Met.


Oberon, I agree emphatically about the character of Hilarion in this ballet. Too often he is played as sinister and mean-spirited. It seems like ABT allows dancers leeway in their interpretations, which is a good thing. The way you describe Jared Matthews' performance makes me wish I could see him in this ballet.


Did you notice the prolonged ringing of a cellphone during the start of Act II?


Yes, cellphones are the bane of ballet and opera! A phone also rang during Giselle's mad scene. I wonder if the dancers can hear cellphones ringing during a performance?

Xavier L-M

Glad to see you are covering ABT again. More, please!!!


You can't hear much beyond the orchestra from that stage unless it's silent. But still, there should be a ban on cell phones once you enter the door...they always, ALWAYS, go off at the worst moments...


So very glad you are reviewing ABT again. Now that the NYCB season is ending, maybe, you can check the performances across the plaza.


Hi Jose,

I am going back for GISELLE tonight (Herrera/Bolle) and I bought tickets for Bolle in SWAN LAKE and SYLVIA. I think there will be a lot of interest in his performances.

I will try to see a Dvorovenko SWAN also, and I am thinking of seeing the AIRS/SYLPHIDE programme even though I do not like SYLPHIDE very much.

In two weeks I will be covering the New York International Ballet Competition.

It's nice to hear from you, Jose!


those cellphones ringing were pretty loud - I think one was in orchestra and maybe also in Parterre Box. Did you also hear all the children whimpering? I think parents need to be more clued in if there "child-genius" is really ready for a full lenghth ballet. I love kids, but really, not all children have the attention span for a storybook ballet, much less a romantic era ballet.

I loved Maria and David in this performance!! a great Met debut.


There were several large groups of school children up in Family Circle, basically unsupervised. And most schoolkids have cellphones.

I think the Met needs to clamp down on the distractions and make an audio announcement before each performance regarding cellphones, and be sure that the teachers and chaperones of the students are all told to be sure the kids turn off phones and keep them off.


Thanks for the beautiful post. I am a teacher who took my well-behaved, appreciative 7th graders to the gorgeous matinee on 6/10. I take ballet and see ABT (and NYCB) frequently. Please note NOT one of my kids, nor any of the other school groups, had the cell phones ringing. Blame it on an irresponsible adult. My students and their parents loved the performance, and the principal dancers will be receiving personal letters from my class letting them know how much they appreciated their unbelievable talents.

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