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I've been waiting for your post on this and you didn't disappoint! Thanks so much!
I'm so freaking happy that Elizabeth Walker was dancing on that stage again even if it was only for one night.


What a glorious night. Everyone was a standout. And I loved how Jeni, or whomever, paid hommage to "Damian's role" by temporarily renaming Jared, Damian Jared. What fun! (and how fleet footed Jared was in that role! Bravo!).

It's impossible to select the best of the best, but I will say that Katie and Tyler were literally out-of-this world. And Adrian, with the lovely Rebecca, was
just superb. What a joyful evening! How lucky we all were to be there!

Anne Coburn Whitmore

Oh, Philip, thank you for this - it was great to read this morning! Early yesterday evening, while waiting for the nice gentleman to arrive to jump-start my car, I noticed the time and thought, wow, now where would I *really* want to be right about now? ;) But I knew that I could look forward to a great review of the evening from you. Seriously, I was most excited, and kept checking 'til I fell asleep ;).
Wonderful account, full of details and extras, and very sweet sentiments and observations. THANK YOU so much for posting about this night!! -made me feel as though I was there.

You really weave together the most thoughtful, beautifully written pieces - they are most like portals ... and, they are absolute tributes to the dancers. I do hope they all know how much we appreciate and love them - and to have someone like you write so eloquently and steadfastly about them must just be the biggest compliment, and mean so much to them. You are a dear person, working this hard and being so devoted in honoring and documenting this love and respect and admiration you have and carry for these artists, and all that you see in them.
Thank you, Philip - I hope the dancers know that many of us out there echo your words!
And thank you, Philip - for the gifts you bring by way of your blog. You have no idea how much it means to someone like me.

Anne W.


Your comment means so much to me, Anne. I don't set out to 'criticize' or analyze a performance but to describe it and the feelings it evoked.

In watching the current preparations for the NY International Ballet Competition I have been again reminded of how hard a career in dance is: how risky, how short, and how demanding of sacrificing other things in life that 'normal' people enjoy doing.

I admire dancers, even when things do not go perfectly. I love the process behind it...and the fact that they are human and sometimes fall or make mistakes just makes them that much more endearing.


Great review, Philip! What a terrific job Jeni Ringer did in putting this program together. There were so many special moments throughout the evening (far too many to mention) but the most magical and memorable of all was Kathryn Morgan's glorious, incandescent performance in the Sleeping Beauty pas de deux, wonderfully partnered by Tyler Angle. Katie's performance, to borrow a word so aptly coined by Tonya Plank, was truly "Fonteyn-esque." I share with you the hope that I will live to a ripe enough old age to witness the full unfolding of this brilliant young ballerina's career. And yes, I will gladly sign your petition to revive the full BEAUTY for Ms. Morgan. Please start another petition as well for immediate promotions for Katie, Tiler, and Rob Fairchild.

Special kudos also to Ashley Bouder on her absolutely delightful first ballet. We already know what an exceptional dancer she is but little did we know about her budding choreographic talent.


It was a delightful evening, and I was pleased to see the audience giving the corps a standing ovation at the end of Union Jack. I looked behind me as I stood and noticed Marcelo Gomes was among those who had gotten out of their seats to give the corps a much-deserved curtain call. I saw a presentation Jeni Ringer gave a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned how it had taken her 10 years to be promoted to Principal. She knows how hard those corps dancers work, and most of them never even make it to Soloist. Rarely do they get the chance to shine, yet they work just as hard, if not much harder, than the "stars" of the company. Bravo to Jeni Ringer for making it a special evening for the corps.

Anne Coburn Whitmore

;) (((beaming))) - aww, thanks Philip.

Yes, exactly.
Once again, you say things perfectly - an honoring of one art form with/within another.

Anne W.


and I know *exactly* what you mean about fish-dives! ;)



I am with you totally, and I have never seen that SB pas danced more exquisitely and brilliantly. I love Katie Morgan, and I am biased toward her, but there is no bias here: SHE WAS PERFECT, and so was Tyler. I write this note at 2:00 p.m. and my heart is still pounding. Thank you as always for your brilliant insight and wonderful words.

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