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Astute observations as always.
I too love Abi, and I was happy to see Dena get a nice solo for a change. Of course I loved all our NYCB dancers, but what an ensemble of beautiful and wonderful dancers.

Where did Avi find them?


From what I am hearing it seems Dena may be commencing a new career phase but I hope she will continue to dance with Avi and other smaller companies. She has always seemed to me to be one of the most gracious and deeply feminine of dancers.

I think Avi finds dancers from meeting them in class or dancing with them at other gigs. Whenever I go to dance events I always get the feeling that all the dancers in the NY ballet world know each other.


Yes, what a fascinating and enjoyable performance! There was such a great energy throughout. It was a thrill to see the NYCBers in a setting like that, and the rest of the ensemble was wonderful. I totally agree about Racheal Prince: a complete delight.


David Prottas Fan Club? I'm a charter member!

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