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As I mentioned at intermission, I quite liked TOCCATO this time! I didn't like it at all at the Gala. I think it's a ballet that grows on you. I look forward to seeing it again too.

I thought Tess was magnificent in FIREBIRD. The only problem was that the part is actually pretty small. We need more Tess!!

Great to see you and Rob!


Oops, I meant Toccata (not Toccato). I'm on a Jock high! I just got back from seeing R&J. I'm not a huge fan of this version but
Jock is in it and that's all I need! Jock is (was) my favorite male dancer since I started attending in 1976.

I also want to mention how good I thought Ellen Bar was in the 4 T's today. I hope she gets more roles! Ask was also

And by the way, Sean S. was a terrific Romeo tonight. Amar was also great, as was Andrew V. and Austin Laurent. I really like him. He rarely gets chances to show his stuff. We have such a talented corps!


I always like changing my mind about ballets! And about dancers, too...


Please note that Justin Peck and Rebecca Krohn made their debuts in Firebird on Tuesday, May 12.


Ah, that is correct and thank you for mentioning it...they were new to me in this ballet on Saturday, but not new to the ballet!


I learned something new yesterday from my Russian friend. Traditional Russian wedding dresses were always red. That unfortunately has changed now that the Western influence is felt.
So, that explains that glorious red wedding dress that the Princess wears in Firebird. It's a stunning work of art that any dancer should feel privileged to wear and I bet Rebecca looked absolutely beautiful in it.
Phillip if you can find it, can you post a picture of her in it?


Don't traditional Japanese brides wear a red robe over their white kimono?

I've asked the press people if there is a photo of the final tableau...


In India as well a red or bright pink sari is the color of choice.

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