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Great photos! I really enjoyed the evening. I remember reading that they were going to use surtitles and thinking it was a bad idea. I was wrong, it was a very good idea! Like you, I am very familiar with the source material but since this story is not told chronologically and involves Clytemnestra's recollections the surtitles helped take away any need to try to figure out who was who and you could just focus on the dance and the drama. I can only imagine how helpful they were to people who had little or no familiarity with the story!

Too bad you're not coming to the mixed rep program, you would love Errand & Maple Leaf Rag...


Early on in the evening I was thinking: "I never want to see this again!" but it certainly became increasingly interesting as the work progressed and now I wish I could see a second performance.

Susan, you must be sure to see ELEKTRA at the Met next year...it is one of their best productions.


Great pictures Philip! I'm sorry I missed you guys. Susan, maybe I'll see you at the mixed rep evening.

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