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I'm still not over Edwaard leaving us as a dancer! He was a favorite. Hopefully he'll be dancing with "Morphoses" again this year. This new ballet looks terrific. I love the music, and the dancers themselves (I'm not familiar with any of them) look excellent!


I'm hoping for some stills from the new Liang ballet.

I love the way Wendy is looking at him in that top picture.

He is such a beautiful dancer, his technique is so polished and he moves with such poetic grace.


I am still mourning Ed's departure from NYCB.

It has been a joy to watch him grow and develop as an artist, and a truly gracious human being.


I was actually depressed when he left NYCB the first time and devastated when he left the second time. Watching the FOUR SEASONS last night I was recalling Edwaard's incredible performance in Spring...no, not the lead (though I do think he danced that eventually) but as one of the four boys. That was when I realized he had a very special gift and began watching him intently.

Thank goodness he still performs with MORPHOSES. I'm so glad he's doing well as a choreographer but someone should also grab him as a teacher. He has a lot to impart about placement and style, in addition to his classy technique.

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