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Dick B

I have been following your Blog for sometime now and have enjoyed it. I also saw the performance last night and concur. I thought Maria was spectacular as was Wendy. I seem to remember from many years ago, Diana Adams dancing in the Pas de Neuf (the music a particular favorite part of the ballet).


Thank you for reading my blog and for leaving a comment, Dick. It's so uncanny that you mention Diana Adams because on my way to the performance last night I stopped at the Performing Arts Library and was perusing the dance books, wondering if there was a biography or memoir of Diana Adams

When I started going to the ballet, I remember people telling me that I had missed the career of the "best Balanchine ballerina" of all: Diana Adams.


What a gorgeous picture of Wendy! And Maria too! I'm sorry I missed Amar and Tiler debuting in Allegro Brillante -- it sounds like they did an excellent job.


I think what makes you think about McBride when you watch Tiler dance is that they both have that accessable warmth, that glow that says "come in and join the party!".

You know that I worship at Maria K.'s gorgeous feet so hearing about the three time call-out made so happy. I love Phillip Neal as well. We all know he can partner superbly but he's a wonderful dancer in his own right. He's one of those under-rated dancers that always gives consistent and thoughtful performances.

I've never heard of a biography of Diana Adams. If you do, let me know.


Several people have mentioned the Patty-Tiler connection. Yes, they are both such 'inviting dancers.

Philip's dancing so beautifully these days; I believe he had knee surgery a while back, and he's danced his way back to prince-like status. He's got that classic polish that the younger boys need to study...closely.

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