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Speaking of all the Paul Kolnik photos and NYCB press, what happened to the Front Row Center feature on the company's website? I always looked forward to it!


I was wondering if NYCB feel that Kristin's videos replace the Front Row Center photos?

To be honest (and greedy!), I want BOTH: videos and still pictures!

Sandi D.

I was there too up in the third ring, and I thought it was a thoroughly delightful performance, and a good combination of ballets as well- each creating their own world, yet keeping the evening feeling balanced and flowing. Aside from the little gaffe in Spring, I felt that all of the dancing was just wonderful last night. So glad I was there!


Sandi, I think one of the most enjoyable aspects of this programme was the variety of music and how it all worked together...a very well-planned evening.


Nobody knows what happened to Front Row Center, but I want it back! I also frequently notice typos on the NYCB website...I wish they were a little more careful and a little less sloppy. Spelling peoples names incorrectly is totally unacceptable.

Sandi D.

I want Front Row Center back too!!

Anne Coburn Whitmore

Me too!!

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