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Even with so many up and coming ballerinas at NYCB, Alexandra would always be welcome back at her home company by her fans (like us)!

But whatever she decides to do, here's hoping she finds a good fit; something that works for her. It sounds sappy, but she's given so many years of pleasure -- despite her young age -- to so many of us that we just want her to be happy!


It's hard to think she would simply stop dancing altogether after putting so much time and effort into building her technique and artistry. I wondered if she might join MORPHOSES; Christopher created roles for her in several ballets including POLYPHONIA, MORPHOSES abd CAROUSEL.

The Ballet Bag

Indeed, it is hard to imagine her not dancing! Earlier this year I caught Ansanelli in Swan Lake, it impressed me then how musical her interpretation was, like she was communicating every note in Tchaikovsky's beautiful score. And in Serenade she is absolutely sublime. Sad to see her go...


I was shocked when she left NYCB and even more shocked now that she has announced her intention to retire, but I'm still not convinced that Alexandra's dancing career is over.

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