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Oh God, they are using Linda Watson again. This woman has no high notes and sings flat. Have the great conductors of the world gone deaf? She keeps getting hired. Why?


Last night was the dress rehearsal of "Die Walkure" at the Los Angeles Opera. Linda Watson sounded bad but everyone seemed to just accept it. Standards for Wagner singing have reached a new low it seems.


The truth is, there are sopranos who can sing Brunnhilde better than Watson. But the house managers (and conductors) have no imagination. And they are afraid to take chances. Because Watson is already a name (such as it is) they'd rather pick her than get someone less famous or unknown. Inertia is killing the art-form!


I agree. There is no effort to find or cultivate new voices for the Wagner rep. They just keep calling the same-old-same-olds who may have been good in the roles at one time but who have worn out their instruments or kept coasting on faulty technique.

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