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A wonderful review of a terrific opening night program!


La Valse sounds exquisite, thakns for your lovely writeup.


Hurrah for opening night at NYCB! I loved your review of La Valse. Janie does so well in this role that I have a hard time imagining anybody else doing it. And the sense of impending doom throughout the ballet is so intriguing that it never fails to draw me in.

I am going again this evening for my first time seeing Megan Fairchild in Coppelia!


Yes, it really was a great programme to open with.


And can I just say that my abs look NOTHING like Wendy Whelan's in that photo?!?!


I like it when the girl in La Valse is danced with that subtle yearning for thrills, rather than all innocent. It sounds like Janie Taylor dances it with that slight dark edge.
Thanks for describing it so potently Phillip.


Janie is rather unsettling in that scene before she & Sebastien actually enter the ballroom. There's a slight quality of madness just below the surface.

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