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I'm really surprised by this! I guess I just don't think of her as being at the age of retirement for a ballerina. Maybe she's going out on top of her game though...

Anne Coburn Whitmore

What?! Noooooooo! I've *so* wanted to see her dance live. Such a selfish desire of my own to cast off at this moment, I know - I'm just so stunned. I do hope all is OK, and that this just is what is right for her at this time.

She EPITOMIZES ballerina - to me, and to, no doubt, countless of others.


I think Alexandra is only 29...

Remember that she did not go directly from NYCB to the Royal but took some time in between. Hopefully she will start up again with another Company after a little respite. I'd LOVE to see her at ABT!!!


I was really touched by her candour in the New York Times article. It's an interesting question--at what point is the misery just not worth it?


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